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New Blog URL 26.10.2012
Crossing the border to Tanzania and home 21.10.2012
Mozambique Island and Ibo in the Querimbas Archipelago 21.10.2012
Crossing to Mozambique 21.10.2012
Mzuzu, Ruware, Nkotakota and south to Zomba 21.10.2012
Nkhata Bay, Chizumulu and Likoma islands on Lake Malawi 21.10.2012
Crossing the border to Malawi 21.10.2012
South Luangwa National Park 21.10.2012
Lusaka the Captial, Jungle Junction and Victoria Falls 21.10.2012
Mutinondo Wilderness 21.10.2012
Hot springs at Kapisyia 21.10.2012
"On Lake Malawi" 13.09.2012
"Travelling Thoughts" 13.09.2012
Country No. 2: Zambia 13.09.2012
Arrival in Mozambique and Mozambique Island photos 13.09.2012
Zomba Plateau south Malawi Photos 13.09.2012
Crossing water borders 13.09.2012
At Lake Malawi 13.09.2012
South Luangwa National Park Photos 13.09.2012
Trip to Vic Falls Photos 13.09.2012
Mutinondo Wilderness Photos, Zambia 13.09.2012
Arrival in Zambia Photos 13.09.2012
Leaving Tanzania Photos 13.09.2012
Kigoma continues.. 13.09.2012
The Great Lakes 23.07.2012
Rock and Rollin` 23.07.2012
It's all Peaks & Troughs 13.07.2012
Thank you and goodbye Sarakasi ya Vijana 13.07.2012
Pictures from Mt Hanang and Lake Victoria 13.07.2012
Images 13.06.2012
A look at our weekly culinary diet 13.06.2012
Running with Giraffes and Putting on Dresses 13.06.2012
New Arrivals 25.05.2012
Quaffing and shopping at the Maasai market 25.05.2012
Living for Weekends 25.05.2012
An evening out in Mto 25.05.2012
Posting comments 17.05.2012
Karibu to Mto Wa Mbu! (Welcome to the River of Mosquitoes!) 11.05.2012
Dar Expressions 11.05.2012
Coffee with Jaws, Snuff with a Masaai 01.05.2012
Zanzibar pictures 29.04.2012
Zanzibar 29.04.2012
Final Preparations 21.04.2012
Visa for Tanzania 12.04.2012